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About Diamond Service

Diamond Service Logo

On 4th June 2012, Diamond Service replaced our pioneering award scheme Gold Service.

Diamond Service makes sure our best customers receive our best services and customer benefits.

From an unparalleled repairs service to the ultimate choice of replacement kitchens and bathrooms, Diamond Service also offers qualifying members the fantastic opportunity to take part in a £2000 weekly prize draw.

"You’ve got to be in it, to win it!"

Diamond Service prize draws will take place every Monday unless it's a bank holiday and it will take place the next working day.

There'll be one winner of £1,000 and two runners up, who will each receive £500. Make sure you qualify as a Diamond Service member, so you don’t miss out.

(*All Diamond Service members will automatically be entered into the weekly prize draws unless they opt out. To opt out, please call Claire Paul on 0161 610 4796.)

Diamond Service Rewards

If you are a Diamond Service member you’ll benefit from these fantastic Diamond Service rewards:

£2,000 Weekly Prize Draw

Every week, Diamond Service members* will be entered into a prize draw to win £1,000, plus two runners-up prizes of £500 each.
The prize draw takes place every Monday (or the next working day if the Monday is a statutory holiday, like a bank holiday).
* Diamond Service members can opt out of the weekly prize draw if they wish.

Planned Improvements

An incredible choice of new bathrooms, kitchens, doors/windows and fencing when your home is due for a planned improvement.

Please remember, we will check your Diamond Service status prior to the start of each program and again before materials for an individual home are ordered.

Superb Repairs Service

As a Diamond Service member, you will have access to a wide range of repairs.  Non Diamond Service customers will only have health and safety repairs undertaken.
Personal repair visits will be available to Diamond Service members.

Unconditional Service Guarantee

If you’ve had a repair caried out at your home by an Irwell Valley contractor and you’re not happy with it, we can appoint an alternative contractor to make it right and you’ll also receive the cost of the job in compensation. That’s the Unconditional Service Guarantee!

Golden Foundation and Education & Training & Back to Work Grants

Diamond Service members and their families can apply for Golden Foundation and Education, Training and Back To Work Grants.
Grants can be made for items such as laptops to assist with college work, to pay for child minding while a parent attends a regular course, to buy books required for study and a whole host of other things. For more information about these grants, please contact Claire Paul on 0161 610 4796. 

Housing Transfer

Diamond Service members who want to move home to another area or to a different type of property, can apply for a housing transfer. Only Diamond Service members will be considered for a housing transfer. This does not affect assured tenants' rights with regard to mutual exchange.

Concessionary Gardening

For Diamond Service members who are unable to maintain their gardens or get help from family, friends or neighbours, we will consider applications for concessionary gardening assistance to help you keep your garden in shape.

Social Events

Priority attendance at social events organised for customers will be given to Diamond Service members. Certain events with limited places will be designated ‘Diamond Service Exclusive’.

And More...

As well as these fantastic benefits, Diamond Service members will continue to get more great rewards.

Irwell Valley believes that our best customers deserve the best rewards and services. So keep an eye out for more, exciting Diamond Service benefits.
(Diamond Service is a benefit that is offered to qualifying customers and is outside of Irwell Valley's duties as a registered provider and as such, is a seperate policy to the Tenancy Agreement. Customers individual circumstances and needs, especially those of customers who are considered vulnerable, will be taken into account in all aspects of services provided by Irwell Valley. Irwell Valley reserve the right to change the terms and conditions relating to Diamond Service membership and benefits at any time.)

How Do I Become a Diamond Service Member?

The main qualification criteria to become a Diamond Service member are:

  • Pay your rent and any agreement to repay rent arrears, regularly and on time, every week or month (depending on your payment arrangements with Irwell Valley) for 26 consecutive weeks
  • Adhere to the terms of your tenancy agreement


You don’t have to do anything to apply, once you meet the criteria, you’ll automatically become a Diamond Service member and be eligible for the weekly prize draw, along with the many other benefits Diamond service offers.
If you are unsure of your Diamond Service status, please contact your neighbourhood manager.
If you miss a rent payment or breach the terms of your tenancy agreement, you will immediately lose your Diamond Service membership.
To requalify for membership you will need to build up another 26 weeks of rent payments – paid regularly and on time – and ensure you abide by the terms of your tenancy agreement.

The best way to pay your rent is by direct debit. If there is any change to your rent charge, we will automatically amend the amount paid by your direct debit, so that you do not go into arrears and lose your Diamond Service membership.

What if I’m not in it?

If you’re not a Diamond Service member:

  • You will not be entered into the weekly prize draw
  • You will not get a new kitchen, bathroom or windows
  • You will receive minimal repairs
  • No Unconditional Service Guarantee
  • No Education Training and Back To work Grants
  • No housing transfers
  • No concessionary gardening


Q & A's: Some important questions and answers on Diamond Service:

Q: If I miss a week’s rent payment, can I make it up the next week without losing my Diamond Service membership?
A: No. If you miss a rent payment, your membership will end and you’ll have to build up another 26 weeks of uninterrupted weekly payments before you requalify.

Q: If I normally pay my rent every week on a Monday, but one week I pay it later in the week, am I OK?

A: No, the same rules apply to any missed or late payments, unless it’s a bank holiday or other statutory holiday in which case you can pay on the next working day.

Q: Is there a failsafe way of making sure I pay my rent on time, so I don’t lose my Diamond Service membership?

A: The best way to make sure you pay your rent is by direct debit, which means your rent payment is taken automatically from your bank account and you never miss a payment. These are easy to set up, just contact the Income Management team on 0800 035 2211.

Q: What if I receive housing benefit and the payment is delayed?

A: Again, if you miss a payment for any reason, your membership of Diamond Service will end. Once payment is made in full, and if the reason for the missed payment was not your fault, your Diamond Service membership will be reinstated. You will not be entered into the Prize Draw and will not receive the benefits of Diamond Service until your membership is reinstated.

Q: How will I know if I’ve won a prize?

A: We will contact you within two working days following the draw, by telephone, personal visit or letter to advise you that you have won a prize.

Q: How will I receive my winnings?

A: We will make all payments will be made by cheque to yourself or to someone you nominate.  If you owe any arrears, they will be decucted from your prize draw money.

Q: What if I have a joint tenancy, who receives the winnings?

A: Joint tenants must agree who will receive the money and advise us.

Q: What if I win a prize, but I have arrears on my rent account with Irwell Valley?

A: We’ll deduct any money you owe to Irwell Valley, such as rent arrears, garage arrears and rechargeable repairs, from the prize amount and pay any remaining balance to you.

Q: What if I don’t want to take part in the prize draw?

A: If you want to opt out of the prize draw element of Diamond Service you need to tell us. Call Claire Paul on 0161 610 4796.

Q: If I am not a Diamond Service member and I think I should be, what can I do?

A: You should contact your Neighbourhood Manager who will explain why you are not a Diamond Service member. If you are not satisfied with their explanation, you can ask your Neighbourhood Manager to log an appeal with the Head of Customer Services, who will contact you and investigate.

Please click here to download the Diamond Service Brochure and Terms and Conditions.

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